License Requests

Serious inquiries only please. All requests must include a formal proposal.
Email all proposals to: licensing [at] coldbusted [dot] org in care of:

Cold Busted Record Company, Inc
325 W 8th Street, Room 301
Los Angeles, CA 90014-3170
(323) 207-5299

Replies are sent within 24 hours Monday-Friday.

We no longer agree to free usages. Advances start out at $100.00 USD per song. Agreements are not signed until payments are processed.

We do not respond to any requests concerning re-edits, mash-ups or adding your vocals over our beats. Simply stating ‘produced by’ is not legit or allowed. Take downs will be filed and processed when found.

Our beats are not for sale. Requests to lease beats are ignored.

To be clear we will not reply to these types of requests. No reply does not grant you a license.

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