Vitamin D

Vitamin DDJ Vitamin D — also known as Derrick Daisey — started his career in 1991 in Los Angeles at the height of the rave scene and has been taking the music scene by blah blah blah…

My god I am sick of reading this old bio. Here is the deal…

In October 2008 I was diagnosed with high frequency hearing loss. All caused by not wearing ear plugs and having the volume cranked to “8” for the last 15+ years. Everything happens for a reason though. I enjoyed my years of djing but now it has to stop. Studio work is also put on hold until my ears heal.

Owner and operator of Cold Busted, Busted Beats, and Some Cutz Up as well as a distribution company titled, Some Cutz Up Aggregation. My whole goal for these labels is to give artists their “first” break. I have been ripped off by so many labels in the past (I didn’t say all of them) and wanted to do something different. I list all my terms on the labels site and pay every quarter.

As for djing, well it just doesn’t do it for me like it used to.

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