Stape Mega

Stape MegaBorn in the year 1975, Stape Mega hails from the city of brotherly love. His style is heavily influenced by East Coast style boom bap production. He sites DJ Premeire and RZA as prominent influences but finds inspiration in a multitude of musical genres and styles. Taking an early interest in music, Stape listened to records in the basement of his family’s row home for hours on end. Stape took an interest in rap and electronic music in the mid to late 80’s. Listening to new sounds from a diverse range of acts from those genres such as EPMD and New Order. Stape found electronic music technology fascinating and was intrigued by sampling and sequencing keyboards and the use of computers to make music via midi. He was determined to get his hands on some equipment to start tweaking his own sounds. In the early 90’s, Stape linked up with high school friend Digs Darklighter, an MC and graffiti artist. Along with a few friends, they pooled their money together and purchased an Ensoniq EPS sampling keyboard. The collective quickly began to make dirty underground tracks. Around the mid 90’s, Stape formed a group with MC Adam 12, called, Dept. of Rec. In 2000, they signed to Arrakis Records, a fledgling Philadelphia based underground hip hop label. The duo released 2 Vinyl EP’s and a compilation CD on Arrakis Records. Stape lent tracks, as well as recording and engineering skills, to other projects on the label before it shuttered in the early 2000’s. Stape produced material for Digs Darklighter’s debut full length CD entitled, “Boomboxcutter”, which also featured production from RJD2 and Calip NOW.

Stape Mega has most recently concentrated his musical efforts on making instrumental Hip Hop. He has released two full length albums on Cold Busted and has appeared on multiple compilation releases from the label. Stape’s production style is a unique blend which ranges from deep and dark to mellow and entrancing, lo-fi and dirty to clean and crisp. Some of the artists Stape has worked with include: Digs Darklighter, Doap Nixon, MF Doom, Alaska of Hangar 18, Breez Evahflowin, Outerspace, King Syze, K-Mass, and Maylay Sparks.

Stape Mega now resides amongst the tall pines of South Jersey and can be found in the warmer months roaming the woods searching for the Jersey Devil.

“Stape Mega produces dark, instrumental Hip Hop with a sound that’s almost Shadowesque, and reminiscent of the Endtroducing era. Stape’s beats could easily find interest among fans of RJD2 or Blockhead.” – Zane Tate,