mister T.

mister T.Dimitris Tentinis aka mister T. was born in 1983 in Kavala (Northern Greece) and has been living in Athens since 2010.

He started writing his music ideas in 2001. The whole ”thing” was born in his father’s personal music studio which was built one year before. His father, Nikolaos Tentinis gave him the musical and technical knowledge he needed to start making ”beats”. Classical music studies also influenced him for his new direction.

Mister T’s style is mostly groovy with lot of funk, soul, jazz, hip hop and deep influences. He also likes writing in a downtempo/trip hop style.

Parallel to his production activities, he began playing music as a DJ in 2003. Mister T has played music for many venues in his home city as a resident and as a guest DJ as well. Mister T’s sets reflect the mood of his audience, which are usually a blend of downtempo/trip hop, hip hop instrumental, chill, lounge, funk, soul, hip hop jazz, nu jazz, electroswing, latin, afro, reggae, and dub.

Mister T has been a member of Cold Busted since June 2011.

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