Amerigo Gazaway

Amerigo GazawayAmerigo Gazaway is a Nashville based MC, turntablist, and hip-hop producer. Son of renowned trumpet player Gary “El Buho” Gazaway (Phish, STS9, Tito Puente), Amerigo specializes in his own brand of laid-back soulful hip-hop for the modern music enthusiast. His influences range from a wide variety of producers such as DJ Premier, Pete Rock, and Jay Dilla to more experimental artists such as DJ Shadow, RJD2 and Blockhead. He also draws much of his inspiration from greats such as Herbie Hancock, Quincy Jones and Isaac Hayes.

Like the great explorer for which he is named after, Amerigo has always been fascinated by the unknown. To him, life is all about discovery. Through sampling, he explores the world of sound, literately taking listeners along with him on his musical journey through time and space. Combining everything from ethnic instruments to vintage synths, soulful vocals to oldschool video game soundtracks – Amerigo transcends genre altogether while at the same time offering something for everyone to enjoy. And when he isn’t busy DJing or digging through dollar bins in search of that perfect sound, he is probably either playing some kind of instrument or recording the lyrics to his latest hip hop track.

Oh yeah, he’s also been known to rock a red keytar from time to time.