Singularis – Evening Hours

‘Evening Hours’ by Singularis is a 12 track Chill Out and Trip Hop album animated with rhythm, invigorating beats, pleasing instrumentals, Electro funky, soulful and classic. ‘4 Momz’ kicks it off with a mesmerizing melody, laid back beats at about 87 BPM, a smooth synth and round subtle sub bass, a fine beginning. ‘So and So’ follows, Jazz influenced, a pleasing piano, spicy snare, gentle percussions accentuating the beat and piano notes. ‘Strollin’ Around’ is a casual groove with dope samples and crisp drums that make it an easy going ride. ‘Take Me Inside’ is a favorite with sweet flanging synths, a juicy full sub bass, beautiful clapping snares, apt beat repeats, satisfactory and majestic sounds. ‘You’re Always There’ features sweet vocals, a vintage vibe, honey dripping organ keys, soft synths and calming drums. ‘Stronger’ features awesome upright bass notes, xylophone melody, lovely snares, filtered effects, a solid gorgeous piece. ‘Tonight’ brings on the funk with a dope bass and electro synths, jazzy flute and feel good party vibe. ‘Midnight Groovin’’ features a computer voice over chill beats, mid range smooth bass and high synths laying down a fun melody over a head nodding rhythm. ‘Tell Me Why’ is another creative concoction, a stellar male singer croons over steady beats and relaxing piano, hand drums, and effective edits. ‘Wandering’ follows with compelling bright synths, bumping temperate bass line, very nicely swaying in a warm way. ‘Keep Moving’ features some dazzling electro synths, invoking shapely sounds with texture and interesting movements of sounds. Last is ‘Breakfast In Bed’ IDM Glitch Hop style yet distinctive with a moving luxurious bass, echoing gentle snares, blissful, relaxing and flawless. A 16 year old producer of the Netherlands, Singularis has created a breathtaking collage of music called ‘Evening Hours’, a completely charming album.

1. Singularis – 4 Momz (5:01)
2. Singularis – So and So (3:54)
3. Singularis – Strollin’ Around (2:38)
4. Singularis – Take Me Inside (3:37)
5. Singularis – You’re Always There (3:41)
6. Singularis – Stronger (4:12)
7. Singularis – Tonight (3:35)
8. Singularis – Midnight Groovin’ (3:02)
9. Singularis – Tell Me Why (3:52)
10. Singularis – Wandering (4:02)
11. Singularis – Keep Moving (2:22)
12. Singularis – Breakfast In Bed (3:45)



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