Boogie Belgique – Time For A Boogie

‘Time For A Boogie’ by Boogie Belgique is a gratifying Trip Hop, album, big band and swing jazz influenced it’s abstract, deliciously instrumental, moving, cinematic, and lush. ‘Wish I Didn’t Love You So’ grabs the listener with exultant xylophone notes, boss brass and bass, sweet nostalgic singing sample, gritty beats, fiddle, soaring and soulfully satisfying. ‘Broken Mountain’ follows with exotic sounds and vocals dropping into beats at about 95BPM, smooth fine bass, relaxed and sultry, chill drums and horns textured and natural. ‘Northern Light’ begins with apt beat repeat, filtering and reverb into a spellbinding clarinet or wood instrument singing a haunting melody, with funky guitars and active drums beats. ‘Swing Thing’ jives with jolly horn notes and loops, enjoyable piano, snazzy snare, swinging beat and melody, a fitting sample echoing, spirited and warm. ‘Time For A Boogie’ is a keenly crafted tune, suitable panning and effects begin, moving into rumbling smooth bass notes, danceable and uplifting strings, snare and tribal vocals. ‘Ms. Yutani’ is carried on a profound melody, moving piano and dope beats colored by a graceful female singer; spunky clarinet chimes in for a fun and charming tune. Poignant, vintage yet innovative, culturally rich and appealing ‘Time For A Boogie’ is a wonderful listen.

1. Boogie Belgique – Love In Your Eyes (4:09)
2. Boogie Belgique – Wish I Didn’t Love You So (4:33)
3. Boogie Belgique – Broken Mountain (4:44)
4. Boogie Belgique – Darjeeling (4:03)
5. Boogie Belgique – Northern Light (3:59)
6. Boogie Belgique – Hear, Hear (4:55)
7. Boogie Belgique – Swing Thing (3:50)
8. Boogie Belgique – His Excellency Regrets (5:26)
9. Boogie Belgique – Time For A Boogie (3:50)
10. Boogie Belgique – Ms. Yutani (4:00)
11. Boogie Belgique – Sunday Blue Sky (3:39)



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