Slabofmisuse – Street Bangerz Volume 5: The Wheels On The Bus

Street Bangerz Volume 5 ‘The Wheels On The Bus’ comes from the mind of South Africa’s Slabofmisuse as a 25-track Funk and Instrumental Hip Hop album. ‘Dirty Jackson (Brazilian Invasion)’ chimes in with light guitar riffs and a happy snare dropping into rumbling warm bass and horns for a textured funky tune. ‘Diamonds’ exudes an emotional brightness, sweetly purring string and flute loops and longing female vocal snippet along with beats at about 80BPM combine for divine freshness. ‘Makes Me Smile’ utilizes a vintage female vocal sample with apt manipulation, suspending a soft joy, the beat and synths tinted with a new school meets laid-back Gangster Rap vibe. Following is the track ‘Impressions’ a fly jam with balmy synths, gently spanking snare breaks and nostalgic singer vocals chopped and peppered with grace. ‘Rhapsody’ gleams with light high synths and jazz singer samples with a steady House beat at about 95BPM for an enticing and shoulder shaking lovely tune. ‘Light It Up’ jams with emotive and chill live sounding drums, more ethereal warm synths for a tepid and heady mood. ‘Nova’ is a soul satisfying creation with keen exotic loops of piano and linguistic experimentation of pithy repeats and lively drums, followed by the rocking and satisfying ‘Dirty Blue’. With analog crackles, Funk, Soul and Classic Hip Hop influences, unique arrangements and instruments, ‘The Wheels On The Bus’ is an exceptional and quixotic street sound your soul will welcome.

1. Slabofmisuse – Slabofintro (2:08)
2. Slabofmisuse – Bug Eyed Monsters (2:23)
3. Slabofmisuse – Dirty Jackson (Brazilian Invasion) (3:15)
4. Slabofmisuse – Diamonds (2:26)
5. Slabofmisuse – All Night (3:00)
6. Slabofmisuse – Fat Fun (Train Drunk) (1:28)
7. Slabofmisuse – The Affair (2:46)
8. Slabofmisuse – Dorris Mob (2:09)
9. Slabofmisuse – Makes Me Smile (2:31)
10. Slabofmisuse – Impressions (2:42)
11. Slabofmisuse – Dripp Dropp (3:09)
12. Slabofmisuse – Rhapsody (3:09)
13. Slabofmisuse – Wotchu Crying Bout! (3:33)
14. Slabofmisuse – Dream Engine (2:46)
15. Slabofmisuse – Silent Spring (1:25)
16. Slabofmisuse – A Midsummer Night’s Fight (1:20)
17. Slabofmisuse – Dragons of Autumn (0:48)
18. Slabofmisuse – Death In Winter (2:17)
19. Slabofmisuse – Wanna Do (2:36)
20. Slabofmisuse – Groover H (2:59)
21. Slabofmisuse – Light It Up (1:54)
22. Slabofmisuse – Possible Missions (1:36)
23. Slabofmisuse – Nova (2:53)
24. Slabofmisuse – Dirty Blue (1:31)
25. Slabofmisuse – Slabofoutro (2:02)



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